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Top 10: Things I hear at the gym

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Ah, the end of the year. I still can’t believe a new year is just two days away, but I’ll go with it. This time of year is marked by Cold Duck, cheap noise makers, karaoke in hotel rooms, and countdowns. There will be no karaoke in a hotel room for me this year, but I’m sure that my New Year’s Eve will encompass the rest... well, maybe not the Cold Duck since I signed up for the New Year’s Day resistance training! In the spirit of the New Year, I decided to give you my own countdown of the top 10 things I enjoy hearing while working out at FXB.

10. The grunts and groans.
Yep, I love to hear my fellow gym members grunt it out. A groan makes it even better. These sounds tell me that I’m not alone in my misery.

9. The laughter.
This tells me that no matter how much we may need to grunt and groan, we are all there because we want to be there. It’s a place to get serious and work on improving health, but it’s also a place to have fun.

8. Ice Ice Baby.
Come on, admit it. You’re a closet Ice Ice Baby lover too. I see those toes tapping when it comes on over the speakers.

7. “Level” ... “10”
I consider this the FXB version of a concert shout-out. The instructor yells, “Level” and we all call back, “10”. Although, I’ve always wondered... if we were all at a true Level 10, wouldn’t we be too out of breath to be able to call it out? (wink)

6. “Are you with me?” ... “Woo!”
I consider this the FXB version of an ‘Amen’ shout-out you might hear in an energetic church. And if we’re not energetic enough, the instructor lets us know and we try again. Similar comments to #7 though... I know my “Woos” always come out more as a deep sigh.

5. “Challenge yourself—band it up!”
This little encouragement usually does the trick for me. I’ll make it through the first slow count and the fast count and think, “I’ll just stick with red.” But then the instructor calls out this innocent line and the guilt kicks in. So I grab the blue.

4. “Pop.”
This sound usually happens after complying with #5. It’s the wonderful sound that comes with the only version of the F-bomb I still allow in my vocabulary—muscle failure. It also means that the band hit the mat rather than my foot when I dropped it!

3. Synchronized Round House Kicks
This really is pretty cool. The whole gym, kicking together to the instructor’s count. BAM!

2. “Great job.”
I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again. The people at FXB are amazing. There are so many encouraging comments flying around the entire time—from “great job” to “you’ve got this”. Everyone is there to support everyone else and it’s simply awesome.

1. “...3, 2, 2, 1”
Yep, this is the number one thing I love to hear at the gym. It means my 45 minutes (or 75 if it’s a FIT Kick) are over, and that I made it another day!

I hope everyone has a fun, and safe, New Year’s Eve! And don’t forget to sing Ice Ice Baby at the top of your lungs while kickin’ back some Cold Duck!

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