Saturday, October 1, 2016

Meet my FXB Instructors: Flash

Flash: a.k.a. Sarah B.

Sarah B. holds a special place in my FXB heart (and my regular heart for that matter). We joined FXB on the same day, and she became my first steady bag partner. Anyone who knows Sarah well would assume the nickname Flash comes from this guy:

But that’s not the reason. Nope, not at all. I had promised her I wouldn’t base my nickname for her on a sloth, and a promise is a promise ;)

That takes us to this Flash as a possibility:

While Miss Sassy Sarah is quick on the bag, that’s not the source of her nickname either. So what’s left? This guy.

That’s right—Flash Gordon, baby!

Here’s a link to the movie’s theme song in case you want to play it while reading this post. It will take your reading experience to an epic level.

I know I run the risk that my sassy friend is too young to connect with Flash Gordon, but that’s not important. What’s important is that I defend my assessment. (heres a link to a movie recap for those not in the know) 

Let’s take a closer look at that movie theme song by Queen. The lines are a bit out of order, but it’s my blog which means my rules.

“King of the impossible”
Sarah wouldn’t hesitate to tell you she didn’t expect to still be at FXB after 2 years. Not because she couldn’t do it, but because she didn’t think it would be her kind of thing. Yet, not only is she still at FXB kicking butt and taking names, but she’s a coach and an instructor! AND she completed a Spartan race last year! Not ‘impossible’ enough for you? Then check her out on the days she gets to the gym before 7am. That girl does not like early mornings, but she’ll do it for the people!

“No one but the pure at heart may find the golden grail”
According to, the definition of ‘pure hearted’ is:

(of a person) without malice, treachery, or evil intent; honest; sincere; guileless

Based on this definition, I’m not sure I’ve met anyone with a more pure heart than Sarah. She is certainly always without malice—unless your name is Steven. Then there might be a bit of evil intent in a few of her actions . . . As for the honest and sincere part, her sass level requires her to tell it like it is!

 So yes, Sarah is pure hearted right down to her knickers (sorry, I had to incorporate at least one British term into this post).

“He’ll save every one of us”
It’s clear Sarah is on a mission at FXB—to help as many people as possible. She puts her heart and soul into coaching and instructing. Even as a friend her support is never ending and is always unconditional. She will fight, just like Flash Gordon, to save every last man, woman, and child from an unhealthy lifestyle. And just like Flash Gordon, she’ll talk a little sass along the way. She might even have used one of his quotes, “This place is a lunatic asylum.” Oh, wait . . . that may have been a secret . . .

There’s only one thing Sarah may not be willing to save us from.

She’d be too busy cuddling the lot to try and save us.

I’ll end this post with a play on a popular line from the movie:

Flash, Flash, I love you! But you have less than 48 hours before you have to start saving the next round of 10-weekers!

Oh, one last thing. Flash, the sloth from Zootopia, had no role in solidifying Sarah’s nickname. None whatsoever. Honest.


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