Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Meet my FXB Instructors: The Liger

The Liger: a.k.a. Pete

The first time I had Pete for an instructor was back during my first 10 weeks at FXB. About halfway through the workout I thought, “Man, this guy is funny.” Over this past year I’ve concluded that Pete jokes around while on the mic for two primary reasons:

(1) He’s naturally funny.
(2) He aims to give us the best workout possible. His jokes make us laugh, which makes it harder to hold a resistance band, and therefore we work harder. In addition, laughing burns extra calories.

If you’ve attended one of Pete’s workouts, then you’ve likely heard such cracks as:

“Protect your money-maker!”
“Show off your Superman quads.”
“I just want to hear a gentle rain before the thunderstorm.”
“Are your biscuits burning yet?”
“Bueller . . . Bueller . . .”

But that’s not all. He can get creative in the workouts as well. I was extremely disappointed to have missed his session where he introduced The Easter Egg Hunt. Maybe someday he’ll bring it back.

It should be no surprise that for a while I considered Pete “The Joker.” However, whenever I think of The Joker, I think of this guy:

Well, Pete is no villain so that just wasn’t going to do. I had to come up with something more creative that would be worthy of the all the awesomeness that is Pete. As I’ve gotten to know Pete better, I’ve learned that he’s kind of a Napoleon Dynamite fan. I imagine that he’d be able to apply some of the Napoleon Dynamite quotes to his roles at FXB.


He could use this during a kickboxing burn out.


I think his 10 week students would appreciate this kind of direct approach.

FIT Member

Pete could intimidate his bag partner with this one. Because he probably does have secret ninja skills he learned from the government.

Fun Day Participant

Although for Pete, the tots would be replaced with donuts. But only on Saturday Fun Days.

The shared ability to deliver hysterical one-liners isn’t the only reason I reference Napoleon Dynamite in this post. Enter the Liger.

I know Napoleon Dynamite didn’t invent the liger, but the movie certainly made it more popular. The Liger just seemed a fitting nickname for our Pete. Why, you ask? For one, the liger is bred for magic (at least according to Napoleon Dynamite) and Pete must have some magic skills. How else can he make a 45 minute beating, er workout, seem fun and fast? Magic—that’s how. Also, the liger is a cross between a Lion and a Tiger. I’ll show you how I think this fits Pete with just a few examples.

The Lion

According to the University of Minnesota College of Biological Sciences, lions are highly territorial. They are known to occupy the same territory for generations. At FXB, Pete has his specific territory. It’s a good thing he arrives early enough to ensure he gets his spot, because I’m not sure I want to see what would happen if someone tries to take his square!

Lions have been a symbol for strength and courage throughout history. Not only is Pete strong, but he makes each and every one of us stronger as well. And his courage can be seen mainly through one of his non-FXB lives where he often steps on the stage to portray a character in one of many plays.

The Tiger

Pete’s Chinese zodiac sign is the Tiger. Coincidence? Me thinks not. The primary characteristics of someone born in the year of the Tiger are: Powerful, Tough, Dynamic, and Mighty. Yep, that sounds about right.

Tigers also maintain control over their territories by constantly patrolling them. Pete’s got that down.

So, Pete is The Liger to me. If you haven’t already, you really should attend one of his magical classes! And when you do, Napoleon Dynamite would only have one thing to say: