Saturday, January 17, 2015

Journey to FIT—Week 3

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This update will be filled with random facts from my journey to date. Since I can’t stand to be too random, there’s one for every day of the 6 day program :-)
1) My fingers hurt.

I’m not used to actually punching something. And I’m definitely not used to doing knuckle push-ups/planks. Even if I had the time to work on my third novel, I wouldn’t be able to type. This short week 3 update will be complicated enough.
2) My tailbone hurts.

I can only figure it’s from all the sit-ups I’m not used to doing. If not, then it’s weird as well as random.
3) My little toe hurts.

This is from my careless band drops when my muscles scream, “NO, I cannot do just ONE more! Time to DROP!”
4) My back hurts.

I’m not talking about the muscle soreness from the exercises. I’m talking about the pain from a sports bra strap that constantly digs into my shoulder blade.
5) I have rub spots on my arms and legs from the bands.

I’d like to tell you this is because I’m so fierce that I pull the bands with such force it causes a burning friction on my skin. Really it’s from my strange hormonal issues that cause me to have weird skin reactions. But let’s pretend it’s due to the first reason, just for the sake of pride.
6) My right appears to be changing faster than my left.

My female readers will understand this. My male readers—keep looking at my eyes. No really, look at my eyes.
Until next week...

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