Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Test Jeans and Batteries

I had my testing recently, and I know that I’ve made progress. I am feeling the changes in my body with my clothes, and I’m certainly feeling the progress at the gym. However, every once in a while it’s good to be able to see and feel some tangible results.

Enter the test jeans.

You know the jeans I’m talking about. They’re the ones you try on at the start of a weight loss journey, even though you know you can’t button them up. You try them on because they will become the pair you pull out periodically, just to see if you can finally button them up without having to look like this lady. Test jeans show you the results that are hard to see in the mirror every day.

So I have my test jeans. I couldn’t even button them before I started at FXB. I’m talking at least an inch or more before the two sides would meet in the middle.

But here they are, buttoned and feeling OK! They’re still a bit tight to comfortably wear out and about, but they are on and buttoned. And I can even sit down in them!

Now what are those batteries I’m talking about?

If you recall, a few years ago I purchased a watch only to be disappointed when it arrived because it wouldn’t fit. When I first clicked the band closed all those years ago, it pinched me and left a mark.

Now that watch is on, and even better I have enough room to slide a finger under the band!

But alas, the batteries have died. Sigh.

I tried to change them here at home, but I don’t seem to have the proper tools. So I took it to a jeweler in town, and even they couldn’t get it open! They suggested another location in town, so I will be going there very soon. If that doesn’t work, I think I’ll have to see if I can send it in to Fossil to change the batteries.

Because I’ve worked far too hard to not be able to wear this watch!!

Next up—being able to pull a pair of knee-high socks up all the way without cutting off my circulation...

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