Thursday, February 19, 2015

FIT Check-in #1

As part of my one year challenge for FXB, I have to check-in about once a quarter to see how it’s going. My first check-in was this week, and I thought I’d share the results with you.

I’m now down a total of 22 lbs, which is still about a 1 lb per week average. I’ll take it!

Body Fat Percentage:
Ah, the evil handheld gizmo. I have learned how to conquer you at last. Since my percentage wouldn’t register back when I started, I can only tell you that it was down an additional 1.1% from the last time, for a total of at least 1.4%

Measurements (total from start):
Chest: down 3.5 in
Waist: down 3.75 in
Arm: down 1 in
Thigh: down 1.25 in
Hips: down 3.25 in

Total: down 12.75 inches !!

Push-ups (from knees):

I guess now I need to do a 30 day challenge for sit-ups to see if I can get this number moving a little quicker!

Sit and Reach:
Moving in the right direction!

Since the ground is covered in snow, I’ve been allowed to reschedule my run until after it’s gone (and the temps are back above 0 degrees). I don’t expect much progress here this time around.

So my goals for my next check in are to keep up the 1 lb average loss per week, a bit more improvement in my sit-ups, and work on my mile!

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