Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Meet my FXB Instructors: The Intimidator

The Intimidator: a.k.a. Pam

The definition for intimidate is:

“frighten or overawe (someone), especially in order to make them do what one wants”

If you’ve had Pam as an instructor, I could just end this post here with, “Enough said.” However, I know some of you have not met Pam so I’ll explain further.

The first thing I should clarify is that The Intimidator does not intentionally try to intimidate anyone. Also, she doesn’t intimidate by fear, but rather with overawe. She simply needs to step on the mat, and intimidation sparks like static on a dry winter day. Here are some actual comments I’ve overheard at the gym (if not in these exact words, at least they’re pretty close):

“I have a feeling she’s not going to go easy on us.”
~Said by one 10 Weeker (with concern on her face) to another 10 Weeker as The Intimidator walked on the mat to instruct.

“The only name I recognize on the list is Pam. That doesn’t make me feel much better.”
~Said by a new FIT member, who was nervous about signing up for FIT Kick for the first time.

If her power to overawe through her presence alone isn’t enough, let me tell you about her other two super powers.

The Circle of Intimidation

The Circle of Intimidation (The Circle) is the wide radius of empty mat often found around The Intimidator when she instructs. It’s not uncommon for some space to be around the instructor—it’s as if we all resort back to our school days and no one wants to sit in the front row. However when The Intimidator is at the front of the mat, it’s more like an invisible force field, created by the power of her energy. Inside this circle, the energy of intimidation radiating off The Intimidator is too strong for those not up to the challenge of exceeding their self-imposed limits. Stepping into The Circle means you willingly surrender the power to perform at anything less than a Level 10. Not even a 9.9999 will do. One has to be mighty brave to step into The Circle, and very few venture inside. Those who do—and still have the strength to walk out—earn the awe and respect of the rest of the class. Occasionally, you will find a bewildered 10 Weeker inside The Circle, and the rest of us can only try to support their naivety by projecting any residual strength we may have left.

The Look of Intimidation

While the energy within The Circle is too difficult for most to endure, staying outside the invisible radius line doesn’t save you. The Intimidator always has her eyes on everyone. An instant tingling sensation takes over the body, along with the uncontrollable urge to push harder, when she gives you The Look of Intimidation (The Look). The Look says that she knows you can do more. The Look tells you that you can go faster or lift heavier. You can try to avoid The Look by keeping your eyes on the mat, but eventually you are pulled by her energy of intimidation. Once you glance up, she has you—and you find your hands compelled to reach for that next band up. Your only hope of survival is that final countdown.

I have to say, I’m so thrilled that my daughter has chosen The Intimidator as her FXB hero. Yes, this mom is proud to have a Junior Intimidator Apprentice in the house. I just wish she would quit trying to use her newly obtained powers of intimidation on me!

The Intimidator will soon take her superpowers to a new level as she and Teresa open their own FXB in Bloomington, Indiana. All I can say is that once The Intimidator sets her sights on a whole gym, the term ‘B-Town’ will take on a whole new meaning—“Beast Town”!

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